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Taking a break can lead to breakthroughs

As I move silently among the participants of wellness retreats, I am filled with a deep sense of privilege to be able to witness these personal moments of beauty and capture them through my lens is a gift beyond measure.

With each click of my camera, I am reminded of the trust that has been placed in me. For I am not just a photographer, but a witness to the journey of these individuals as they explore the depths of their inner selves.

Through my lens, I capture the unspoken emotions and feelings that are often too difficult to express in words. I am able to capture the essence of each participant's unique journey, and to do so with their permission and trust is a true honor.

As I move among them I do so with a sense of reverence and respect, being responsible to know when to click and when to stop I tread lightly, careful not to disrupt the sacred space that has been created, and yet, I am able to capture the beauty that surrounds us all, even in the most unexpected moments.

In this stillness, I am reminded of the interconnectedness of all things. For even as I bear witness to the personal journeys of these individuals, I am also a part of their journey, and they a part of mine, it's not a coincidence that most them belong now to my personal circle of friends .

And so, I continue to move silently among the participants, capturing the beauty that surrounds us all. It is a privilege that I hold dear, and one that I will never take for granted.

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